Web Host Michelonia Seeks International Resellers

June 6, 2005
June 6, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - In early 2004 the founder of web hosting provider Michelonia helped a friend to save his website, database and other information from a hostile partner. After having won a major legal battle in the courts, the partner only had a CD made by the founder of Michelonia and some credit. Michelonia sprang into action, and immediately had the company's website up and running within one day of the legal victory, saving the company from total ruin. This without the customers even having noticed that something was amiss. Out of gratefullness, enough money was donated to found michelonia.com with the express intent of helping others to set up an online business, keep it backed up properly and keeping the owner of the data in possesion of the data.

Now that Michelonia has found it's niche, we wish to broaden our horizons by offering our services in Italy, Greece, Germany, Laos, Vietnam, Slovenia, Poland, Argentina, India, Pakistan, and in at least one additional Arabic speaking nation through resellers. These are markets are severly limited due to language or cultural restrictions, that can only be overcome by someones presence in the specific region. This is not a franchise offer, or expandion of Michaelonia, but, rather the building of a network of one supplier with numerous outlets operating in numerous languages. Anyone interested should email jwainright@michelonia.com

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