Web Host Moved.in Offers Free Hosting to Open Source Projects and Artists

April 19, 2005
April 19, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Moved.in has taken an off-beat approach to free web hosting with the launch of their Moved.in Project Hosting. The project which is designed to support artistic and open source projects is by invitation only, which Moved.in believes will become a dominant trend in free hosting.

"We believe invitation based services are the future if it comes to free hosting. Offering invitation based services means less abuse, as existing users who invite new users are responsible for them. If a new user messes up, the member who invites the abuser is punished. We believe there will be many invitation based services soon.", said the project manager for the new program, Mr. Bosch, "Moved.in is always trying to support arts and open source projects. By offering invitations to artists and open source programmers we help getting things started".

Moved.in has given away 50 free web hosting accounts within the last 7 days.

Project hosting requests are approved by Moved.in staff and artists and programmers don't need to use the regular request forms.

The unique approach to developing a client base could work with the artist and open source programming niche with this approach fostering a community based feel and sense of belonging.

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