Web Host PEER 1 Hosting Opens Doors to World-Class Datacenter

October 18, 2011 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – PEER 1 Hosting (TSX:PIX ), the global IT hosting provider, opens its new 57,800 square foot green datacenter in Portsmouth, UK today. The facility in Langstone Technology Park offers businesses across London and the South East scalable managed hosting, dedicated hosting and colocation services in one of the greenest datacenters in the country. This location is optimal for businesses of all sizes operating in Europe as well.

Within easy reach of London, the center has a staggering 11MVA of available power, room for 20,000 servers, and provides a direct connection to PEER 1 Hosting’s 10Gb FastFiber Network.

The facility is located in one of the most energy-efficient buildings of its type in the UK. Built on a brownfield site in Portsmouth, it is expected to deliver a predicted Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.1. For every one unit of power used for computer equipment, only 0.1 unit is used to power other areas, such as cooling. The industry average is 1.8.

To achieve this, the company is the first in the world to use the energy-efficient Excool cooling system.

The system harnesses the natural cooling effect of air and water, using a super-efficient heat exchange system, low-energy fans and water atomisers.

“Datacenter demand shows no signs of slowing down. Our £45 million (USD$70m) investment in this state-of-the art facility is testament to PEER 1 delivering the services that our customers need and are going to need in the future,” said Dominic Monkhouse, EMEA managing director of PEER 1 Hosting. “By investing, we have developed a wholly-owned datacenter that leads the way in reducing the carbon footprint for our customers, delivers 24/7 service and provides customers with the capacity to grow.”

In addition to its green credentials, the datacenter is kept secure through biometric authentication, ultra sound technology and coordinated intruder alarms. Users also have the opportunity to work at the site as catering, Wi-Fi, conference rooms, a 150-seat auditorium and fitness center are available.

“This new datacenter represents a significant investment for PEER 1 in the UK and European markets. There is a shortage of green datacenter capacity in the region which creates a great potential for growth,” said Fabio Banducci, President and CEO of PEER 1 Hosting. “We see this location meeting the needs of our customers going forward in an increasingly data rich world.”

About PEER 1 Hosting

PEER 1 Hosting is one of the world’s leading IT hosting providers. The company is built on two obsessions: Ping & People. Ping, represents its commitment to best-in-breed technology, founded on a high performance 10Gb FastFiber Network™ connected by 18 state-of-the-art datacenters, 21 points-of-presence and 10 colocation facilities throughout North America and Europe. People, represents its commitment to delivering outstanding customer service to its more than 10,000 customers worldwide, backed by a 100 percent uptime guarantee and 24x7x365 FirstCall Support. Info-Tech Research Group recently named PEER 1 Hosting as a “Champion” in its Canadian colocation and managed services Vendor Landscape report, recognizing the company’s strength in product offerings and enterprise strategy in the global IT marketplace. PEER 1 Hosting’s portfolio includes Managed Hosting, Dedicated Servers under the ServerBeach brand, Colocation and Cloud Services. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with European operations headquartered in Southampton, UK. PEER 1 Hosting shares are traded on the TSX under the symbol PIX.

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