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March 30, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Pivotal Web, a “high performance hosting company”, is offering a variety of hosting packages ranging from Openvz, Xen, cPanel and Plesk for Windows/ Linux accounts and solutions that include shared hosting, VPS and dedicated products, now offers faster backbone connection, it was reported recently,

“After the long wait, our new bandwidth carrier delivered our newest ultra fast backbone connection. What they lack in intra-department coordination they more than make up for with the quality of their bandwidth. The new connection has great ping times from around the world,” suggested a company release. Times recorded included Chicago (12 ms), Stanford University (32 ms), the Czech Republic (141 ms), Italy (141 ms) and Sweden (128 ms).

“Our customers should see a decent response time improvement as well as raw download speed improvement,” concluded the release.

Pivotal Web has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of businesses and personal web sites since 2005. Its internet hosting packages help businesses and individuals get high-powered service at “a fraction of the cost”.

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