Web host RackForce Upgrades to Dell PowerEdge Servers

June 1, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web host RackForce announced today that it is now using Dell servers for its hosting services. The Dell PowerEdge SC1425 servers will be equipped with single or dual Intel Xeon™ processors incorporating Intel's NetBurst® micro-architecture and Hyper-Threading Technology.

“When we started RackForce we used Dell’s customized-to-each-customer model as a template for providing online dedicated servers,” explained RackForce President Tim Dufour. “Up until a short time ago RackForce assembled these customized servers from brand name components but our suppliers were having trouble keeping up. Dell went out of its way to meet our needs. Now we have the best technology and can have the servers customized and online in half the time.”

“More and more customers are realizing the excellent performance and value of Dell PowerEdge servers to power mission-critical infrastructure versus building their own, “said Debora Jensen, vice president of Dell’s Advanced Systems Group in Canada. “Racks of servers are the ‘power plants’ of service providers like RackForce. Dell servers deliver the quality, cutting edge features and full support necessary to deliver that business model.”

“With the load and performance demands placed on a server in today’s Always ON world we needed a full-featured server. These Xeon-based Dell PowerEdge servers will outperform just about anything else out there!” boasted Rackforce sales professional Doug Alder.

The Dell servers start at $129 per month at RackForce. They also come with dual 1Gbps NIC cards and have the OS options of Fedora, Red Hat 9, and Red Hat Enterprise operating systems. Also Windows Server 2003 (Web or Standard) is available for a higher monthly fee.

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