Web Host Redbus Partners with Zeus Technologies

September 8, 2005
September 8, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - European web host Redbus Interhouse today announced a unique partnership with Zeus Technology to improve their application traffic management and load balancing solutions.

By appointing Zeus Technology as a tier 1 strategic partner, Redbus Interhouse will now be able to offer its clients easy access to a range of cost-effective traffic management solutions to enable them to manage, accelerate and secure the delivery of application traffic. Designed for businesses demanding high performance, this simple, scalable solution is easy to manage and delivers tangible benefits to organisations aiming to streamline business processes and reduce costs.

“With over 10 years experience in the development of application-level software our solutions are designed to drive performance and deliver cost efficiencies to web-enabled businesses around the globe. Combined with our market-leading innovation and can-do attitude, we are looking forward to working with Redbus Interhouse to deliver such value-added solutions to their customers,” commented Steve Palmer, VP Marketing, Zeus Technology.

Mike Tobin, CEO, Redbus Interhouse plc, said “Redbus Interhouse is very excited about this partnership. The managed services that we can provide will be of tangible significance to our customer base and further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to offer real and beneficial business solutions to the companies that colocate within all our datacentres. This suite of managed services, coupled with our existing service portfolio will enable clients to further reduce their administration effort, lower total cost of ownership, ensure the very highest levels of security, resilience and performance across their networks and offer the best possible support in managing web traffic - the very lifeblood of such operations.”

Partnership solutions provided include:

Traffic Manager

A management, security and optimisation solution which provides centralised control and resilience for your applications, ensuring swift and seamless interaction between web-enabled application services. Redbus Interhouse's Traffic Manager translates business logic into traffic management decisions - differentiating services, handling application failures to safeguard service availability, automating complex recovery tasks and providing richer information with finer-grained control.

Combining three core areas of functionality in a single solution to manage, secure and accelerate complex traffic, the Traffic Manager places the focus on your application services, returning centralised control and resilience, allowing your business to become more agile.

Load Balancer

A powerful, fault-tolerant and high-performance load balancing solution for providers of clustered network services and resilient applications. With high-performance SSL and content compression, content-aware traffic management rules and flexible health monitoring, Redbus Interhouse's Load Balancer provides an easy-to-use and cost-effective path to adding load balancing intelligence to your services.

Web Serving

The most secure, scalable and high-performance solution available for mission-critical web serving. Offering flexible web based management, extensive integration capabilities, and the most comprehensive range of features available from commercial software, these combine to provide a fully extensible and future-proof web-based solution.

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