Web Host Smart SEO Hosting Plans Free SSL Certificates

February 7, 2016
Web Host Smart SEO Hosting Plans Free SSL Certificates
Web host Smart SEO Hosting has announced its intention to offer its customers free SSL certificates with their hosting accounts. Smart SEO Hosting, a CleanVPS.com and FloatCast Technology Pty Ltd. Company, has head offices in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The company bills itself as a “dedicated and professional” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company who offers services to “SEO agencies in USA, Europe and Australia”.

Smart SEO Hosting utilizes over 120 data centers globally and its hosting offerings are available in a range of countries with the aim of enhancing its customers’ website ranking in search engines like Google. Smart SEO Hosting’s offer will apply to all its customers’ domains.

SSL certificates utilize data files to digitally associate a company’s internet presence with a ‘cryptographic key’ that enables secure connections and encryption between a browser and web server. SSL certificates offer an additional layer of security to protect the data in credit card transactions and to protect customers’ sensitive data. In addition, Google places websites with SSL certificates higher in search rankings because of the added security they offer.

Smart SEO Hosting "has always planned and worked hard to provide a technical environment in which our client's websites get better SEO rankings," explained a company spokesperson in a press release. "There are absolutely no hidden fees and to avoid any footprints the SSLs are generated individually for each domain," added the company’s marketing manager. The free SSLs are available “with a single click installation interface which eliminates the needs for lengthy verification and validation process”.

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