Web Host SMS IT Hosting Accepts bitcoin Payment

July 4, 2014
Web Host SMS IT Hosting Accepts bitcoin Payment
Web host SMS IT Hosting has begun to accept payment by bitcoin.

SMS IT Hosting’s specializes in providing secure and reliable hosting which protects customers’ data. Its servers are located behind robust firewalls and IDS systems, and the company offers a range of security features. It offers VPS and dedicated server customers custom security rules and support for those who wish to run custom and legacy supported applications.

The company’s recent move comes in the wake of increased bitcoin adoption in the industry. The US state of California recently passed legislation that allows the state’s citizens to make payments using digital payments, but fell short of recognizing bitcoin as “legal tender”.

SMS IT Hosting will allow customers to pay for 100% of the cost of its security and hosting services using bitcoin. In an attempt to “draw attention to the currency”, the company is offering a 1 year free individual hosting account.

"We are big believers in the future of cryptocurrency and want to do our part to help ensure its success," explained the company’s Media Relations Director, Maricris Pace. "We host many miners and pool operators and those customers introduced us to bitcoin and encouraged us to accept it. Once we understood the currency, we immediately decided to accept it. Because cryptocurrency clients require a high level of security, we are a natural fit for those customers".

However, not everyone supports adoption of the digital currency. Following the collapse of MtGox in February 2014 some called bitcoin a digital Ponzi scheme. MtGox’s failure meant bitcoin holders lost in the region of 200 million dollars while the currency itself lost considerable value.

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