Web Host The Planet Introduces Anti-Spam System

January 28, 2005
January 28, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host, The Planet, has introduced Spirus, an email gateway to eliminate spam and prevent email attack and viruses on the firm’s hosted email servers.

Spirus was designed to be "effective, affordable and easy to administer," according to Sam Fleitman, Vice President of Managed Services for The Planet. The gateway offers redundant protection through multiple layers of filtering and scanning. Administrators can configure options (including white-listing, allowed languages, block lists, spam scores, allowed mime types and sender policy framework paranoia level) with point and click convenience through ORBIT, The Planet’s proprietary online control interface.

Spirus proactively adapts to the latest spam trends and can eliminate suspect email before it impacts hosted servers. "Spirus identifies and removes as much harmful email as possible, right at the SMTP transaction," said Mr. Fleitman. "That keeps our customers’ servers from getting bogged down in the process of rejecting mail. And it reduces additional messages from being generated and bounced on to innocent third parties."

The Planet and others in the industry consider spam and email viruses to be converging threats. The Gartner research firm has reported that while once merely a nuisance, spam now is a significant carrier of malicious code and is increasing risk and costs for businesses. Infected or deluged systems experience major downtime and decreases in productivity.

Mr. Fleitman said that Spirus is ideal for reducing those risks. "Spirus offers our customers the right balance of safety, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness," he explained. "Through ORBIT, it’s simple to optimize their servers’ protection, so business-critical messages still get through but harmful mail doesn’t.”

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