Web Host Ubersmith Names Dominique Archambault as CEO, Expands Leadership Team

December 26, 2023
Web Host Ubersmith Names Dominique Archambault as CEO, Expands Leadership Team
Ubersmith, the leading subscription management solutions provider for the cloud, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dominique Archambault as its Chief Executive Officer. Archambault, who has served as Chief Technology Officer at Ubersmith for the past nine years, brings over two decades of software development and billing systems expertise to his new role.

In his previous capacity as CTO, Archambault played a key role in several milestone releases and successfully integrated Ubersmith with essential financial and business tools. With a career spanning Ubersmith, iWeb, and other technology companies, Archambault has demonstrated his commitment to advancing technology and driving innovation.

Based in Montreal, Archambault will lead Ubersmith's globally distributed remote workforce. His strategic vision aims to enhance the value delivered to customers, focusing on pivotal improvements within the software platform. Archambault is dedicated to fostering stronger relationships with customers and partners, emphasizing Ubersmith's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Expressing his commitment to the new role, Archambault stated, “As I take on this position, my primary goal is to elevate Ubersmith's commitment to delivering enhanced value to our customers. I plan to achieve this by driving key enhancements in our software platform and fostering strategic relationships with our customers and partners.”

Ubersmith's open and scalable software facilitates recurring and usage-based billing, offering turnkey solutions for various services, including cloud services, bandwidth, devices, virtualization, power, backup, and support. The platform boasts over 100 built-in integrations for software, hardware, and services, providing a flexible and customizable solution.

Widely utilized in data centers, hosting, managed service providers (MSP), SaaS, cloud services, telco, and enterprises, Ubersmith's offerings serve as the central nervous system for business infrastructure. The platform covers billing, customer management, quoting, order management, device monitoring, help desk ticketing, and a customer portal.

Ubersmith continues to be a trusted solution for over 90 companies across six continents. As the company evolves under Archambault's leadership, it remains dedicated to delivering innovative, customer-centric solutions for diverse industries.

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