Web Host UK2 Group Selects the CAKE SaaS-based Real-time Tracking and Management Solution

May 20, 2014
Web Host UK2 Group Selects the CAKE SaaS-based Real-time Tracking and Management Solution
Web host UK2 Group has selected the CAKE SaaS-based real-time tracking and management solution. According to the company, it has experienced a 16% ROI over the first 60 days since implementation solution in March 2014.

CAKE is owned by Accelerize New Media, Inc. and offers advertisers, publishers and networks a cloud-based real-time solution for tracking and managing digital expenditure. Accelerize New Media offers a range of tools that simplify the collection of “rich click-forward data” including “conversion information, landing page data, and impression traffic for display campaigns” which allow users to maximize the digital media advertising.

UK2 Group includes brands like UK2.net, Midphase, WestHost, 100TB and VPS.net which offers services including domain name registration, web hosting and cloud options. The group caters to millions of customers across the globe. UK2 Group will use CAKE to collect real-time marketing intelligence and determine its in-house affiliate marketing program performance. CAKE allows UK2 Group to manage performance data without employing third-party network providers.

"CAKE's marketing intelligence functionalities enabled us to establish new default commission rates that are predicated on net profit margins and customer lifetime value metrics. In essence, we've defined business rules that govern the commission rates that affiliates earn based on which web hosting packages are purchased," explained UK2 Group’s Affiliate Program Manager, Zac Bitsoi. "Our affiliates are now incentivized to promote higher value web hosting packages, which has substantially enhanced our profitability."

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