Web Host Ultra Web Hosting Announces it Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

April 28, 2016
Web Host Ultra Web Hosting Announces it Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments
Web host Ultra Web Hosting has announced that it now accepts Bitcoin payments for its products and services. Ultra Web Hosting, which has headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States, was established in 2002. The company’s offerings extend to hosting including WordPress, Weebly, reseller, and VPS hosting alongside dedicated server options. It also offers domain registration alongside website design and consulting services. Ultra Web Hosting goal is to “make hosting easier and websites faster” and the customers it has catered for include MTV. By offering Bitcoin payments Ultra Web Hosting opens its products and services to a much larger audience.

Bitcoin was established in 2009 and is one of the world’s best known ‘cryptocurrencies’. It operates as a “peer-to-peer” payment scheme with full disclosure of who owns any particular Bitcoin. Being peer-to-peer Bitcoin cuts banks out of the equation, meaning there are no third party charges for money transfers or online purchases. 1 Bitcoin equals roughly 443 US Dollars at the time of going to press. Ultra Web Hosting joins other providers like PayPal and Microsoft who also accept Bitcoin.

“Over the years Bitcoin has proven its validity in the market place as a reputable form of currency, and it continues to grow in its foundation and stability,” explained David Turner, the founder of Ultra Web Hosting. “Bitcoin, through its maturation, bounces back stronger each time. To ignore the decentralized digital currency would be a naive.”

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