Web Host ViUX Systems Launches New Affiliate Program

January 4, 2013
Web Host ViUX Systems Launches New Affiliate Program
Web host ViUX Systems has launched an affiliate referral program which offers commissions of up to $120 (or 30% of cost) when customers or resellers introduce others to their services. The program also extends to purchases of ViUX Hosting services made through customer and reseller websites. Those not involved in the program but wishing to take part can apply online at the company's website and affiliates can choose from a variety of fixed or percentage-based commission options via their affiliate account control panel.

ViUX Systems' new affiliate program offers Shared Cloud Hosting and ViUX Cloud Servers packages coupled with free domain name and set up, and other options will be available soon. A number of promotional tools are available to people involved in the scheme, including banners and text that can be added to blogs, emails, websites, and social media. Referrals are tracked using a browser cookie and commissions are paid 90 days after an online purchase is made. Affiliates selling large numbers of services can receive payments on a monthly basis and payments are made as credit for ViUX Systems services or through PayPal.

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