Web Host Warecorp to Provide Soapblox Hosting and Development Services

February 5, 2009
February 5, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host Warecorp is to provide blogging platform Soapblox with “hosting and development services”, it was announced recently. Warecorp will “perform a security audit, migrate the platform onto a new co-located server stack, provide SoapBlox with 24x7 maintenance and support and supply as needed development services”. Migration to Warecorp’s platform will be completed this month. SoapBlox has been subject to hacker attacks and security provision will be key to Warecorp’s services, which will be provided without disruption to users.

“In the face of SoapBlox’s rapid growth and rising visibility, it became very clear that we needed to seek the services of a stable IT Services firm,” explained SoapBlox’s CEO and Founder Paul Preston. “Warecorp is large enough to provide the suite of services we need and has as a proven track-record of supporting technology projects in the progressive community.”

“We are thrilled to add SoapBlox to our portfolio of customers,” added Chris Dykstra, Warecorp Partner and CEO. “What the SoapBlox team has achieved through its dedication to independent bloggers is nothing short of remarkable. We look forward to dedicating our combined resources towards taking it to the next level with an eye towards stability and security.”

“The last few months have affirmed the generosity and commitment of the progressive community,” continued Preston. “Though the last few weeks have been difficult, they also gave us an opportunity to grow. Together with Warecorp, we are more prepared than ever to deliver on the promise of group blogging.”

SoapBlox serves over 150+ different online communities and delivered over 50 million page views in 2008. SoapBlox sites include OpenLeft.com, SwingStateProject.com, PamsHouseBlend.com, and numerous state-based blogs like BlueMassGroup.com, BlueJersey.com, BurntOrangeReport.com, Calitics.com, and SquareState.net. Founded in 2004, Warecorp is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and has development centers in Minsk, Belarus. The company’s customers include The UpTake.org, 1Sky.org, 350.org, Energy Action, Conversation Café, and Finnegan’s Beer.

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