Web Hosting and Disaster Recovery Services Provider Unisecure Upgrades Dedicated Server Platform

March 29, 2018
Web Hosting and Disaster Recovery Services Provider Unisecure Upgrades Dedicated Server Platform
Web hosting and disaster recovery services provider Unisecure has upgraded its dedicated server platform. Unisecure, which has headquarters in New York, United States, was established in 1997. Alongside dedicated options the company offers a broad range of services. These include Virtual Private Server (VPS), and cloud and colocation options in United States. It caters to around 50,000 customers (including likes of Canon, DHL, HP, Microsoft, Pepsi, and McDonalds) and employs around 650 “experienced professionals with proven records, possessing experience in managing web services in US”. Unisecure’s upgrade includes enhanced processing power and additional memory.

Unisecure’s upgrade makes its dedicated server platform “three times faster than before” with obvious benefits to customers with websites that cater for high numbers of visitors. It includes a move to Solid State Disk (SSD) hard drives. With no moving parts, SSD hard drives are considerably faster than the more traditional ‘spinning disk’ hard drives. It also adds twice the processing power and memory with the latest Hexa and Octa Core processors. Beyond this, customers benefit from free SSL certificates that can be managed through their accounts’ cPanel or Plesk control panels. The move underscores the company’s policy of delivering the very best hosting experience.

“Being in the web hosting industry from past two decades, we have seen how clients’ requirement changes significantly with time,” explained Benjamin, Unisecure’s Vice President - Business Development. “Henceforth, we always try to come up with a solution that meets the adapting requirement of the clients and we feel that this upgrade is definitely one solution among many offered by us,” he added.

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