Web Hosting and Domain Name Provider Go Daddy Gets Super Bowl Green Light

January 26, 2008
January 26, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting and domain name provider Go Daddy has received a green light for a new Super Bowl commercial, the company announced yesterday. The advert is not though the one Go Daddy originally wanted airing (entitled “Exposure”) and ten revisions (including five concepts) were submitted before Fox television network (the company covering the Super Bowl) approved Go Daddy’s “Spot On” advert for broadcast. The commercial, includes an appearance by ‘Go Daddy Girl’ and Indy driver Ms. Danica Patrick.

Previous reports have suggested Go Daddy’s original commercial was not approved on the grounds it contained the word ‘beaver’. “I think Exposure is the funniest commercial we’ve ever made. It’s hilarious,” explained Go Daddy CEO and Founder, Mr. Bob Parsons. “We are going to have to make lemonade out of lemons on this one. It’s risky, but we’ve changed our whole marketing plan so we can leverage something out of this smokin’ hot spot.” The approved commercial is apparently going to inform viewers how to access the original Super Bowl commercial from the company’s website.

Go Daddy provides a range of domain name registration and web hosting services and manages around 26 million domain names. The company is renowned for its risqué Super Bowl commercials, the first of which was ‘censored’ during the 2005 Super Bowl as a result of reservations expressed by American Football’s governing authority.

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