Web Hosting and VoIP Provider Cbeyond Inc. Reaches Important Milestones

December 24, 2005
December 24, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Cbeyond Inc., a web hosting and managed service provider of VoIP communications, has announced the achievement of two important milestones – its 20,000th small business customer and its four billionth minute of VoIP traffic since its network’s inception in early 2001. The company attributes its success to the scope of the services it provides.

Cbeyond offers high-speed Internet to small businesses alongside a local and long-distance phone service and of managed services that simplify communications. With Cbeyond managing broadband connection, customers to its service receive a sound quality equivalent to that provided by traditional telephone companies. Cbeyond also offers a range of complementary services including email, data backup and filesharing, fax to email, and web hosting. Cbeyond customers have the convenience of pay a single bill for all of the services the company provides.

"We built our entire business model and service offering to satisfy the communication needs of entrepreneurs," said Cbeyond CEO and founder, Jim Geiger. "Our integrated communication packages make it easy for busy entrepreneurs to select the communication services they need, and manage those services quickly and easily--without the need for a dedicated IT staff."

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