Web Hosting and Web Master Tools Resource HostBizTools Launches

June 4, 2005
June 4, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Clicksee Network Co., the hosting industry’s leading provider of practical Internet solutions announced the launch of HostBizTools.com, a complete online resource for web hosting providers and web masters.

“Our directory provides information on web hosting tools and services including hardware, software, servers, scripts, products, web promotion and more,” said Clicksee CEO and founder Charnchon Lavitrangsima, “HostBizTools.com is an important resource in insuring a solid return on investment when making a decision about a piece of hardware, software solution, or service. When you come to HostBizTools.com first you make sure you’re getting the best quality at the lowest price.”

There is not a more comprehensive resource aimed specifically at the web hosting industry that includes web hosting tools, software, servers, scripts, products, web promotion and services related to the web hosting industry. That is why, when it comes to reaching the people who make enterprise-wide technology buying decisions, the smart money comes to the HostBizTools.com. IT managers and business owners who must make tough decisions on purchasing technology trust HostBizTools.com for its integrity and thoroughness. And it is this influence that makes HostBizTools.com the most effective vehicle an advertiser can find in the web hosting industry. When you advertise in HostBizTools.com, you can expect unparalleled results.

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Clicksee Network Co., Ltd. is a leading web company based in Bangkok, Thailand. We operate leading web hosting resources targeting readers in the U.S. and the U.K.

We also provide web design services to all sizes of businesses. We specialize in creating database-driven web sites using Active Server Pages and MS SQL technologies. The web development solution is operated under the brand Clicksee Design.

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