Web Hosting Billing Solution Provider Partners with WHMCompleteSolutions

December 21, 2005
December 21, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – In what has become a flurry of recent activity, DemoWolf (http://www.demowolf.com) today announced a partnership with WHMCompleteSolutions – a provider of billing software for web hosting companies.

"WHMCompleteSolutions is a terrific billing solution for web hosting companies that provide CPanel web hosting accounts to their customers," said Rob Moore, President of DemoWolf. "But calling it a billing solution doesn't do it justice. It is also a client management system, and a support ticketing system whereby customers can submit support tickets directly from their client login area to their host. With DemoWolf tutorials as part of the web host's support solution, their customers will be able to get most of the support they need themselves, thus significantly reducing the number of support tickets submitted by their customers.”

The partnership will enable WHMCompleteSolutions customers to receive all DemoWolf tutorials at reduced prices. "DemoWolf provides clear and easy to follow online tutorials for web host clients reducing the need for them to contact their web host support team," said Matthew Pugh, owner of WHMCompleteSolutions. "We are excited to be able to deliver this added benefit to our growing customer base.

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