Web Hosting Companies and Telecoms Join to Fight Hackers

March 29, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Arbor Networks, a leader in network security, today announced the Fingerprint Sharing Alliance, a first-of-its-kind industry initiative aimed at helping network operators share Internet attack information automatically. The Fingerprint Sharing Alliance marks the first time companies are able to share detailed attack profiles in real-time and block attacks closer to the source. This global alliance marks a significant step forward in the fight against Internet attacks and major infrastructure threats that cross network boundaries, continents and oceans.

Global telecommunications companies participating in the Fingerprint Sharing Alliance include British Telecom, MCI and NTT Communications.
And leading carriers, network providers, hosting companies and educational institutions joining the Alliance include among others; Asia Netcom, Cisco Systems, EarthLink, Rackspace, The Planet,University of Pennsylvania and XO Communications.

As global infrastructure attacks, such as recent domain name server (DNS) attacks and worm outbreaks, become more distributed and diffused, network operators increasingly need to communicate faster and more efficiently with upstream providers and customers to resolve these attacks. Sharing attack information across business and network boundaries today has been a reactive and relationship-driven combination of e-mail and phone calls among colleagues. Before Arbor's Fingerprint Sharing Alliance, no automated mechanism existed for sharing and receiving threat and attack information.

"We're seeing more technology-savvy criminals trying to make money through denial of service extortion schemes," said Senior Yankee Group Analyst Jim Slaby. "Service providers that are cooperating by sharing attack fingerprints are helping mitigate these threats more quickly and closer to the source, thus making the Internet a more secure place."

Arbor Networks has the largest worldwide installed base of service provider customers in the infrastructure security market and is uniquely positioned to enable this industry-wide initiative. Arbor's Peakflow SP - used by the majority of Tier 1 service providers across the globe - has been enhanced to enable the sharing of attack fingerprints automatically - across network boundaries - without revealing competitive information. Sharing real-time attack profiles and blocking closer to the source is a critical step in offering end-to-end security across networks worldwide.

"MCI brings an unparalleled view into Internet security events around the globe," said Mark Sitko, vice president of MCI Security Services Product Management. "As a member of the Fingerprint Sharing Alliance, the Internet community at large will benefit from MCI's robust sources of security information, award-winning expertise and ongoing commitment to securing networks for our customers."

"When an attack hits, time is of the essence. By sharing the attack details providers are better able to protect their customers as the attack is mitigated closer to the point of origin, thus preventing collateral damage," said Tom Schuster, president of Arbor Networks. "Arbor's intent is to have global service providers join together to combat these cyber threats and protect the overall infrastructure of the Internet."

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