Web Hosting Companies Prepare for Hurricane Rita; New Services for Katrina Victims

September 23, 2005
23 September, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting companies are making preparations for the arrival of Hurricane Rita as it advances towards the United States and is set to hit the Texas coast at the weekend. EV1Servers recently announced the extent of its preparations, suggesting it had collected over 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel and acquired an extra power generator to preempt possible power cuts caused by Rita. Robert Marsh, the company’s CEO suggested, "We anticipate that the coming storm will have no impact on our operations. However, we are prepared to deal with any eventuality."

With evacuation procedures underway in low lying areas around Houston, a number of services are being made available to the victims of the recent Hurricane Katrina including aidpage.com, a free online locator service for people missing as a consequence of the hurricane. The web site contains searchable information on hundreds of thousands of people separated or missing as a result of the disaster. "We are aggregating the data available on the Internet to create unique web pages for every missing or found person," said Emil Sotirov, Co-Founder and CEO of Aidpage. "This way, Katrina victims or relatives looking for loved ones can type a person's name into any search engine and find the information they need in the way most people are used to searching the Internet. Our Katrina Aidpages will be the most easily accessible, effective, and up to date resource for Katrina victims currently available."

Another key resources made available to Katrina victims is atrinaportal.p2world.com. The site, being offered by Portals2TheWorldin in cooperation with Church World Service, offers a search engine that allows users to simultaneously access information from a number of Katrina-related web sites. Users enter a name and the system looks for the details in the databases of various assistance sites. Harold Stevens, CEO of Portals2TheWorld, commented, "It was heartbreaking to see people so worried about their loved ones and this seemed like a positive step in addressing one of the many tragedies resulting from Hurricane Katrina. By leveraging our patented P2World.com Mega Search technology, we have been able to effectively streamline the online search process for families frantically searching for loved ones."

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