Web Hosting Company GoDaddy.com Offers Web-based Email Encryption

December 23, 2005
December 23, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting company GoDaddy.com (https://www.godaddy.com) has announced that its web-based email will provide greater email security to protect users from unauthorized interception. Alongside the Go Daddy secure certificate, the company will also provide ‘Rijndael’ encryption (an Advanced Encryption Standard adopted by the United States government) that encodes messages during transmission and ensures they are sent to the intended recipient.

"An email is like a postcard; anyone can read it unless it's in a sealed envelope," said Bob Parsons, founder and president of GoDaddy.com. "Go Daddy's web-based email not only provides an envelope, but it also adds a chain and padlock -- in the form of our secure certificate and Rijndael -- to keep the message secure."

The Rijndael encryption process is easy to utilize through Go Daddy’s web-based email – users simply select "Add Encryption" in the compose window of their message and then provide a "hint" and a password. If the recipient enters the correct password the email is revealed in a readable format.

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