Web Hosting Company HostColor.com Announces Monitoring Survey Results

November 22, 2005
November 22, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – US-based shared web hosting company HostColor.com has released the results of a survey it conducted on its own customer support activities. Drawn from analysis of 2234 support tickets, the results indicate that in October 2005 the company’s support operators took an average of 12 minutes to respond to support tickets.

"We are pleased with the results of the survey. We aim to answer promptly on customer inquiries so we have put 15 minutes average response time on support tickets as our goal," said Host Color's Executive Director Vesselin Drangajov. "We have succeeded to increase the customer satisfaction of Host Color's services. At the same time Host Color introduced a lot of new features within the last 3 months. New tools and preinstalled scripts such as Content management system, image gallery, site builder, forum and blog software made our Max and Mega hosting plans have proven very attractive. However the new features added to the hosting service require improved support," he added.

Despite efforts to make set up processes as convenient as possible, with software activation through Host Color's Control Panel only requiring customers complete a simple online form, the company concedes that even the simplest systems require support. "Sometimes a customer just needs to ask a question or to have a consultation with tech support or a sales representative.” Host Color offers support through toll-free phone numbers, email support, a range of support forums and a ticketing system. "Although we are pleased with the feedback we have from our customers and with our own findings we are not complacent. We will continue to carefully monitor and improve our four channels of communication with our customers," said Alex Avramov, Host Color's Sales Manager.

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