Web Hosting Company Introduces Domain Appraisal Service

November 1, 2005
November 1, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Fast on the heels of Go Daddy’s introduction of Domain Appraisal, Web Hosting Company WSX Hosting (http://www.wsxhosting.com) yesterday announced their own Domain Appraisal Service to help buyers and sellers determine the value of ‘.biz’, ‘.com’, ‘.cc’, ‘.net’, and ‘.org’ domains.

WSX Hosting has done extensive research of domain purchases to establish a detailed and accurate domain valuation methodology. The service they provide helps users overcome issues related to "domain squatters" and, secure in the knowledge of a domain’s genuine value, enables users to engage in proper negotiation for the purchase or sale of a domain.

The WSXHosting.com Domain Appraisal Service is based on a proprietary statistical model that considers 10 characteristics of a domain to estimate a realistic and practical value. WSXHosting.com also engages expert appraisers who add subjective judgment to every appraisal when establishing a final valuation. The company’s service costs $19.95 per appraisal and results are delivered within 72 hours. Users receive a customized report certifying the value of a domain.

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