Web Hosting Firm 8 to Infinity Slams Tech Outsourcing

September 12, 2005
September 12 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - We hosting company 8 to Infinity is bucking the current trend in the web hosting industry of outsourcing their technical support to third world countries where costs are more economical.

8 to Infinity is reversing the outsourcing trend by hiring more in house support staff to enhance support for its estimated 50 000 users. The support staff are given On Job Training as well as being send for various professional certification courses to enhance their service levels and provide more varied support for their clients.

"Hiring local support staff can sometimes cost more than 10 times the cost of outsourcing technical support requirements. But to 8 to Infinity, we consider our main assets to be our staff. Improvement in efficiency due to local support far outweighs the increase in costs." says Lim Boon Chuan, Chief Technical Officer of 8 to Infinity.

The company plans to continue expanding their local technical support staff against the current market trend as they feel that the higher efficiencies and also better security control over their servers is of paramount considerations. Having out sourced technical support would meant that technicians from third world countries are allowed access to 8 to Infinity servers which is not a comforting idea for most of their users.

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