Web Hosting Firm dotSynergy Expands Hosting Services

August 16, 2005
August 16, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - dotSynergy Web Hosting, part of Syntiva Internet Services, has announced the completion of its second stage of expanded hosting services.

Recently, dotSynergy added several new products and services while reducing overall pricing for existing web hosting packages. This completes the second stage of a 4 stage process to extend the hosting services to exceptional levels of features and support. dotSynergy already provides comprehensive Linux based shared, managed and reseller hosting; however, several new features have been added to further enhance our product line.

First, dotSynergy added NetTracker Enterprise web analytics to provide our clients with the best web statistics and online campaign tracking currently available. NetTracker provides several award winning tools, such as hierarchical reports and instant report customization, to help users maximize the efficacy of their websites. NetTracker is available in addition to our standard Analog, AWstats and Webalizer web analysis software.

Second, DWmail was recently added. DWmail is an 'intelligent' Web based email application accessed through a web browser. You can collect your email simply by entering your email address and password either via the IMAP4 or POP3 protocol. You can check, reply, send or delete your emails from an Outlook like interface. DWmail has built-in abuse prevention, folder management, visual html editing tools, template customization, search tools, attachments, calendar, address book and much more.

Third, Shoutcast and Icecast streaming media servers have been added to all our servers. These software packages allow our customers to perform live streaming media broadcasts from their domains. dotSynergy provides 10 free 64Kb streams with several of our hosting packages. Currently, Apple Quicktime and Real’s Helix Server are in beta testing and should be deployed by later this year.

Fourth, dotSynergy is providing free web site reviews and search engine submissions for all new Standard and higher hosting packages with annual purchase. A member from our parent company Syntiva Internet Services, a leader in web design and content management, will perform the review. The resulting report contains both an automated technical analysis but also a qualitative review with recommendations and changes to get our clients’ internet presence off to a good start. The service can be requested at anytime during the first year of hosting.

Finally, to get the most out of our streaming media and other new features, dotSynergy has recently doubled the amount of space provided for most packages and reduced annual pricing up to 30%. The updated storage and pricing means dotSynergy’s hosting packages are inline with larger discount web hosts’ pricing, but continue to provide features and support beyond the industry standard.

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