Web Hosting Firm Michelonia Expands into India Following Poland and Thailand

August 11, 2005
August 11, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Since mid April Michelonia.com has been offering an unusual reseller plan that follows a more conventional bricks and mortar type of franchising plan. In Slovenia, Poland, Thailand and most recently in India, Michelonia has partnered with local companies to help them start up web hosting companies under the same brand name.

According to Michelonia, talks are still under way with agencies in Italy, Germany and Greece, to build the same type of collaborative agreements.

The most recent agreement between Michelonia occured with Techno Noble Infoway Ltd. of India.

"We consider, Nobel Infoway, a shining example of what an IT firm should be. A group of young entrepreneurs, that are willing to be very flexible and at the same time proactive in meeting the needs and demands of customers and the local marketplace", said Michael Glatz, CEO of Michelonia.

When Mr. Ankush Goel, of Techno Noble Infoway Ltd., from Chandigarh, India, first saw the opportunity he took up the challenge. As of 8 August 2005, Ankush will officially be www.michelonia-india.com Ankush said “it should be noted that although many hosting providers advertise as being in India, many are in fact foreign firms operating remotely from within other countries. This does little to help strengthen our local economies or provide the confidence in our own business community. A firm with a local presence and it's ear on the ground, is better prepared to deal with local problems and concerns, that small businesses are likely to have when shopping for services” stated Mr. Ankush Goel.

Michelonia is seeking to form more partnerships in China, Vietnam and any African nations

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