Web Hosting Flash Tutorial Provider DemoWolf.com Releases Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish Language Tutorials

September 17, 2006
September 17, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting Flash tutorial provider DemoWolf.com (http://www.demowolf.com) has released Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish language tutorials, the company announced recently. 56 Brazilian Portuguese FTP, DNS and email tutorials have been launched as well as new Spanish language DNS tutorials. The tutorials are identical to DemoWolf’s existing products but have been translated into the new languages.

"Although we continue to develop new tutorials for the English web hosting market, we have professional translators working for us to translate all our tutorials into Dutch, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and several other languages," suggested President of DemoWolf.com Mr. Rob Moore. "We will continue to develop translated versions of our tutorials for languages requested by our customers and potential customers who contact us. The direction we take in translating all our tutorials will depend largely on demand, as we will be producing translated tutorials in the order in which they are requested.”

Hosting companies can purchase DemoWolf tutorials and brand them by adding their own logo before adding the tutorials to their customer support websites. The objective of the tutorials is to provide the first line of customer support by allowing hosting customers to find the answers to their own questions before having to contact a company’s customer support team.

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