Web Hosting Management and Security Solutions Provider Provides SSL Certificates to Hushmail

October 26, 2005
October 26, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Comodo Inc., provider of web hosting management solutions, security services, digital e-business services, digital certification, and identity assurance, announced yesterday that it will provide Hushmail (a secure web-based email service provided by Hush Communications) with the infrastructure needed to supply SSL certificates to its clients. The agreement enables Hushmail to introduce branded SSL Certificates to its current product portfolio with Comodo managing issuance and validation issues.

Ben Cutler, CEO of Hush Communications said “by partnering with Comodo we were able to easily add the Comodo SSL certificate product range to our service portfolio, our customers will benefit by being able to fulfill a wider selection of their online security requirements from one vendor, achieving greater savings in the process”. James Langman, VP Business Development Comodo Inc., added the agreement will enable Hushmail clients to cut costs and streamline operations, “Hushmail and Comodo have always been partners in terms of philosophy; sharing the conviction that online communications and transactions demand the highest level of identity and trust assurance processes to mitigate internet fraud, Phishing and identify theft.”

Comodo were chosen by Hush Communications because its ‘Powered Partner’ program allows companies to offer privately labeled 128-bit industry standard SSL Certificates and web identity products directly to customers through their own branded interfaces. This allows Hushmail to retain a brand identity for the Hushmail service while customers have a single point of purchase to deal with. The company has operations in Vancouver, Canada, and Dublin, Ireland, Austin, Texas, and Anguilla, BWI.

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