Web Hosting Management Solutions Provider Comodo Offers Free Automatic File Backup and Recovery Tool

March 8, 2006
March 8, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting management solutions provider Comodo has announced it is offering a free automatic file backup and recovery tool for Windows XP/2000 users. The tool allows users to schedule ongoing backups of important files and is directed at users who recognize the importance of regular file backups, but are under the impression an appropriate backup solution may be difficult or costly to establish.

Comodo’s tool is suitable for home use yet powerful enough for network administrators. Users can create backups on local and network drives, FTP servers and CD/DVD rewriters. When original files are damaged or lost the tool offers a ‘one touch restore' feature. The tool’s main features include scheduled automatic backups, file synchronization, ‘Intelligent Incremental’ backups, rule-based filtering, and extensive reporting logs.

"Until now, home users and network administrators had no simple and free way to automatically and completely protect their data. Now there is an easy to use program that allows them to create, schedule and run their own backups 5 minutes after they've downloaded it. Just pick the source and destination folders, pick the times you want it to run and you're set. From now on, if data gets lost, damaged or deleted you can quickly recover it at the touch of a button," suggested a Comodo spokesperson.

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