Web Hosting Provider ‘8 to Infinity’ Offers New Year Promotion

January 2, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Singaporean Web Hosting Provider ‘8 to Infinity Pte Ltd.’ (http://www.8.to) is starting 2006 with yet another promotion. The company’s New Year ‘Asia-Europe Fusion Specials’ promotion offers free ‘.BE’ (Belgium) and ‘.MY’ (Malaysia) domain names.

"8 to Infinity is fast becoming a global web hosting player, as such we would like to extend our web hosting services to more clients in both Europe and Asia regions. What is better than to offer a Fusion Specials featuring both Asia and Europe continents?" asked Lim Boon Chuan, Chief Technical Officer of ‘8 to Infinity’.

The company expects ‘.BE’ domains to be taken up due to ‘ease of registrations’, but because of the “dynamic growth in the Malaysian economy” the company also expects substantial interest in their ‘.MY’ domains.

In operation since 1997 ‘8 to Infinity’ caters to customers in Singapore, Hong Kong and USA and offers Linux, Unix and Window 2003 virtual and dedicated servers.

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