Web Hosting Provider 34sp.com Celebrates Seven Years in the Industry

October 24, 2007
October 24, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – “Content management focused” web hosting provider 34sp.com (http://www.34sp.com/) is celebrating seven years in the hosting industry, it was announced recently. The company, which is based in Manchester in the United Kingdom and specializes in WordPress hosting and phpbb hosting, is offering a number of special offers as part of its celebration.

''While the size and scope of our operations have changed in the past seven years, our commitment to developers and small businesses has not,” explained 34sp.com’s Business Director, Mr. Stuart Melling. “We have grown own enterprise based on providing top level tools, platforms and support to our customers - with a focus on content management focused hosting. We have outpaced the market in WordPress hosting and phpbb hosting - while always delivering fast, friendly advice to any customer needing our help.''

The company’s celebratory promotion focuses on the ‘seven’ aspect of their occasion. The promotion will run for 777 hours (32 days) and includes a half priced domain after the purchase of two domains, a free space upgrade for any personal hosting account, a free IP address with SSL certificates, a free dedicated server setup with any 12 month contract, and a free month on the company’s business hosting, reseller hosting and VPS options.

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