Web Hosting Provider 34SP.com Offers Rails 2.0 Hosting

January 15, 2008
January 15, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Manchester, United Kingdom based web hosting provider 34SP.com is offering Rails 2.0 hosting, the company has announced. The recent release of Rails 2.0 34SP.com prompted the company to establish a “dependable Ruby on Rails hosting solution” through its VPS hosting platform.

“Ruby on Rails doesn’t work well in a shared hosting environment, so to take full advantage of its benefits you’ll need your own server,” explained 34SP.com’s Technical Director, Mr. Daniel Foster. “A full dedicated server can be prohibitively expensive, so the 34SP.com VPS hosting solution provides the ideal stepping stone. The 34SP.com Rails VPS is already configured to run Rails applications with an Apache frontend, so you’re free to get coding right away”.

Ruby on Rails is a programming language and web application framework that is renowned for making the creation of complicated database-driven web applications quicker. With 34SP.com’s Ruby on Rails offering, users can “burst above” memory and processor limits when required. The company’s VPS servers use quad Xeon technology.

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