Web Hosting Provider American Web Bought by Print and Marketing Solutions Provider Dome

May 18, 2015
Web Hosting Provider American Web Bought by Print and Marketing Solutions Provider Dome
Web hosting provider American Web has been bought by print and marketing solutions provider Dome. American Web's "intellectual and physical assets" will be transferred to Dome, who will also absorb its entire workforce. The company will become a DOME division and its current customers will continue to receive technical and administrative support. Financial aspects of the deal were not released.

DOME, which was established in 1969 and has headquarters in Sacramento, California, USA, offers print and marketing solutions to customers in a range of industries (health care, financial, education, etc.) across the United States. The company specializes in blending technology products with its "core capabilities" and has enjoyed significant growth over recent years. Alongside web hosting, American Web caters to around 200 customers offering a range of services including website development, ecommerce options, and digital marketing services. The company is noted for its ArrowClick ecommerce software application.

“American Web is confident that this unification will be beneficial to current clients and will expand the possibilities for everyone involved. We have worked closely with DOME over the years and we are inspired by their vision to expand their Communication Solutions offerings,” explained founder and CTO of American Web, Ed Williams.

“We are excited about adding American Web to our expanded list of capabilities. We have been using American Web and their ArrowClick Software for the ecommerce platform we provide many of our current clients," explained DOME's CEO, Tim Poole. "It only made sense to bring this team of talented individuals under the DOME umbrella. We look forward to exploring new opportunities to enhance current products and future development.”

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