Web Hosting Provider Apollo Hosting Offers Email Filtering

January 27, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH) – Web hosting provider Apollo Hosting (http://www.apollohosting.com) has announced the introduction of a high-level Email Filtering tool. The tool, MailBoxCop, offers advanced spam and virus filtering with a ‘quarantine’ facility that isolates potentially dangerous communications.

MailBoxCop offers an automatically updated filter which is modified by the ‘aggregate preferences of all users’ to ensure it remains effective against current threats. As Apollo Hosting’s CEO Martin Field explained, "This cumulative analysis of spam email creates a far more effective filter than one which relies solely on the selections of a single user. The filter's quality benefits from the experience of all users, and all users in turn benefit from a more effective filter."

MailBoxCop is available to customers of each of Apollo Hosting’s shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server platforms. The system does not hinder email performance and takes only a few hours to activate.

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