Web Hosting Provider AvailHosting Develops Tech For Unmetered Reseller Hosting

March 1, 2011 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – AvailHosting announced the development of a new proprietary system enabling the company to offer unmetered reseller hosting services. The new system involves a bandwidth shaping schema that aggregates traffic from a set of users and implements dynamic rules based upon live traffic flows. Reseller hosts under the unmetered plans are limited to a data transfer rate (e.g., 10 megabits per second) instead of a fixed bandwidth allotment (e.g., 100 gigabytes). AvailHosting’s unmetered reseller hosting plans start at $14.99/month and range in transfer rates from 5mbps to 10mbps.

"This development has been months in the making," commented Eric from AvailHosting. "We’re offering a type of service that hasn’t been available to reseller hosts before now. Dedicated server and VPS owners have been able to enjoy the flexibility of unmetered connections for years now. We asked ourselves: 'Why can’t we offer a similar service to reseller hosts?’' We hope that our unmetered reseller hosting plans will provide web hosts with the added flexibility and scalability they need to succeed."

AvailHosting also re-iterated their intention to expand into the managed VPS market in the coming months. “We want to be able to help our reseller hosts scale their operations, and offering VPS services is a part of that,” said Eric. AvailHosting also plans to be a cost leader in the VPS market segment, with entry plans starting at just $10 per month.

About AvailHosting

AvailHosting provides low cost, affordable reseller web hosting solutions built for the scalable needs of web hosts, web designers and web developers. Focused on fanatical technical support, AvailHosting continually strives to improve the hosting experience of their clients.

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