Web Hosting Provider AvailHosting Unveils Groundbreaking Reseller Hosting Services

February 16, 2011
February 16, 2011 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – AvailHosting unveiled a groundbreaking new line of reseller hosting services. In an already competitive industry, AvailHosting has set the bar one notch higher by offering as standard a variety of premier hosting services and features. These new services include automated offsite account backups, an integrated website builder app, and, more notably, complimentary end-user support whereby AvailHosting staff will address the technical support inquiries of their own resellers.

“We were looking at what changes we could make in order to help our reseller hosts succeed,” commented Eric from AvailHosting. “We decided to offer free end-user support when we found some of our resellers were struggling to address cPanel questions, account restorations, etc in a timely manner. If we can help our reseller hosts provide better support and retain customers, then that’s good news for us.”

AvailHosting also announced their intention to expand into the managed VPS market in the coming months. “We want to be able to help our reseller hosts scale their operations, and offering VPS services is a part of that,” said Eric. AvailHosting also plans to be a cost leader in the VPS market segment, with entry plans starting at just $10 per month.

About AvailHosting

AvailHosting provides low cost, affordable reseller web hosting solutions built for the scalable needs of web hosts, web designers and web developers. Focused on fanatical technical support, AvailHosting continually strives to improve the hosting experience of their clients.

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