Web Hosting Provider AvailHosting Upgrades cPanel VPS Hosting Plans

May 20, 2011 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – AvailHosting upgraded their line of VPS hosting services to include the cPanel/WHM hosting control panel at no extra charge. With their cPanel VPS hosting plans starting at only $32.99 per month, AvailHosting clearly intends to position themselves as a cost-leader in the VPS hosting market. The linux VPS plans come complete with remote reboots and OS reloads, two dedicated IP addresses, root access and an optional 10mbps unmetered connection.

“Our VPS hosting customers have found tremendous benefit with the bundling of cPanel,” commented Eric from AvailHosting. “cPanel enables all of our VPS customers to operate more efficiently, more profitably and are more effectively able to clamp down on system abuse.”

Along with the new VPS plans AvailHosting also revamped their billing panel and customer service center. “We now have a 100% fully-automated order provisionment system,” said Eric, “If we have a client order a new VPS hosting plan, it is ready to use within 5 minutes. This is the kind of rapid response the hosting industry has continually moved towards.”

AvailHosting is now running a special on their new VPS hosting plans. The promotion code ‘HALFOFF’ will garner new customers a 50% reduction on their first month bill.

About AvailHosting

AvailHosting provides low cost, affordable reseller hosting and VPS hosting solutions built for the scalable needs of web hosts, web designers and web developers. Dedicated to quality service and fanatical technical support, AvailHosting continually strives to improve the hosting experience of their clients.

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