Web Hosting Provider Avantex Upgrades Linux Servers to Plesk 8.0

September 10, 2006
September 10, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Avantex (http://www.avantex.org) has upgraded its Linux servers to Plesk 8.0, the company announced recently.

"Plesk is the most advanced and easy-to-use remote control server software there is today," suggested George Baker, CEO and Founder of the company. "With Plesk 8.0 now all our customers are getting more new features such as Plesk's new desktop where the most frequently-used server commands are located, plus a host of newly added features such as improved anti-spam software and the ability to remove spam in the email queue," added Mr. Baker.

"More and more today, email spam is getting to be a real problem for many businesses and Avantex Hosting declared war to it many years ago, and the upgrading to Plesk 8.0 fully underscores our strong commitment in fighting spam at the very source: the servers", said George Baker.

Avantex Hosting provides web hosting services to businesses, government departments, non-profit organizations and individual. Plesk version 8.0 is available on all Avantex Linux servers and all Linux virtual servers. For Avantex Windows servers, Plesk 8.0 will be made available in December 2006.

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