Web Hosting Provider Centrica Hosting adds Blog and Upgrades to PHP5

April 12, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Centrica Hosting (http://www.centricahosting.com) has announced that it is adding an additional blog script to the list of scripts its web hosting customers can install. The new feature is available on Centrica’s ‘Home’, ‘Business’ and ‘Enterprise’ web hosting plans.

A robust and popular blogging system, Nucleus enables users to quickly and effectively establish a web presence. The system is designed to cater for personal blogs or online business sites, and offers a number of advanced features including operating multiple blogs from one installation, multiple authors, a built-in commenting system, drafts and future posts management.

Centrica Hosting has also announced an upgrade to PHP5. The new version of the popular programming language is available on all Centrica Hosting web servers and each of the company’s hosting packages now include both PHP4 and PHP5. PHP5 offers a range of features including a streamlined and faster running core.

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