Web Hosting Provider DiscountASP.NET Partners with Video Tutorial Provider LearnVisualStudio.NET

August 15, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider DiscountASP.NET (http://www. www.discountasp.net) has partnered with video tutorial provider LearnVisualStudio.NET (http://www.learnvisualstudio.net/), it was announced yesterday. Customers of each organization will receive benefits as a result of the partnership.

"With all the innovative technology being released by Microsoft, it is more important than ever for developers to continuously update their technical skills,” explained DiscountASP.NET’s Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Takeshi Eto. "In this spirit, we welcome our partnership with LearnVisualStudio.NET who offers a great service to access up-to-date high-quality ASP.NET tutorial video content.”

Through the partnership, DiscountASP.NET customers receive a 20% discount on LearnVisualStudio.NET’s subscription fees, free videos, and access to the ASP.NET tutorial library. Likewise, LearnVisualStudio.NET users receive 6 months free hosting for the first year of an annual DiscountASP.NET ASP.NET hosting plan.

”DiscountASP.NET is an ASP.NET web hosting provider with a reputation for early adoption of new technology,” added LearnVisualStudio.NET CEO, Mr. Bob Tabor. “With this partnership, our customers can use their new skills in an affordable cutting-edge web hosting environment.”

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