Web Hosting Provider Dostster Provides MySpace Email

September 22, 2006
September 22, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Dostster (http://www.dotster.com) is providing a new email service for MySpace, the company announced recently. The service – PimpedEmail – is a forwarding service for people “interested in customizing their online experience”, specifically music fans and anyone who frequents MySpace.com.

PimpedEmail is based on the company’s unique Domain Discovery System (DDS). Users are able to generate unique domain names which can be turned into unique email addresses. Typing Stephany into the facility’s name search might reveal “stephanieisthebomb.com”, “stephanyshizzle.com”, or “worldofstephanie.com” which can then be chosen as a domain name. The system offers a parallel system for people searching for band names. Once a domain is pointed at a user’s MySpace or a particular website, there is no limit to the number of email addresses a user can create.
The service is not free and requires a monthly fee, but PimpedEmail comes with a fully functional control panel and domain owners can adjust settings as often as necessary.

Dotster’s CEO, Clint Page, said of PimpedEmail, “Domain ownership leads to a world of possibilities from site design and web development to advanced coding skills. PimpedEmail is a fun service that is accessible to Internet users of all experience levels, but it may also become an on-ramp into a new hobby or even a future career for some of our young customers.” Ben Goldsmith, Marketing Manager of MySpace added: “Most of our customers will start out as Internet newbies, but our intuitive control panel makes it easy to learn the ins and outs of domain management. I’m thrilled that we can offer this innovative product to a younger audience at a one of the lowest prices on the Net. PimpedEmail isn’t just for kids; it’s for anyone who has an interest in owning their own domain and customizing their online identity.”

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