Web Hosting Provider eTecc Adds VPS/VDS Package

November 7, 2005
Web hosting provider eTecc Communications, Inc. (http:// www.eTecc.com) has included an additional Virtual Private Server (VPS) package to its offerings. The company’s new VPS comprises 320MB of RAM and 15GB of Diskspace and also furnishes linux operating systems. “It's a huge new plan that gives VDS users the resources of a real dedicated server,” said Derek R. Meiresonne, the company’s CEO.

The inclusion of the eTecc’s VPS represents the initial component of a range of improvements that could include a new Control Panel that will enable VPS/VDS clients to start, stop, and reboot their server just like a remote console. “This just the beginning,” added said Mr Meiresonne, “We have a few things coming soon that will really put us ahead of the game.”

eTecc Communications, Inc. is a full service data, communications, and hosting provider specializing in high speed Dedicated Servers; full managed services, and unmanaged solutions. The company offers a range of services that include Dedicated and Managed Services, VPS/VDS Services, Reseller Services and Shared Hosting.

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