Web Hosting Provider GeekStorage Announces Virtuozzo VPS Offering

January 14, 2008
January 14, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider GeekStorage (http://www.geekstorage.com) has announced a new Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offering, it was reported today. The company’s new “Powered by Geek” VPS offering utilizes SWSoft Virtuozzo virtualization technology and offers ongoing support.

“Our core philosophy has always been to build a great internet playground for anyone needing hosting, especially the developer community,” explained Jay Higdon of GeekStorage. “This new offering is aimed at offering webmasters complete control over their hosting experience. This is web hosting for geeks, by geeks and anything we can do to further our product offering and that adds compliment to our core philosophy is a no brainer. We are very excited to add Virtual Private Servers to our already great service offering.”

“SWSoft has created a great virtualization experience for users with their Virtuozzo platform and we’ve chosen them because of their reliability in offering a secure and stable environment,” added Mr. Higdon. “In addition to deploying the very powerful Virtuozzo technology, we’ll be offering either a free cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin control panel to our geeks. Our belief is that a control panel should be viewed as a necessity and not a commodity; so we’ve taken an approach that doesn’t charge a user for web based administration ability, instead, the major hosting control panels will come standard with no additional fees.”

GeekStorage has hosted over 20,000 websites and received numerous hosting awards. The company plans expansion into dedicated servers in the near future. The company is also offering several discounts throughout January.

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