Web Hosting Provider Go Daddy has Super Bowl Advertisement Rejected

January 19, 2008
January 19, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Go Daddy (http://www.godaddy.com) has had its Super Bowl advertisement rejected, it was reported this week. According to the company, the reason for the advertisement’s rejection was the use of the word "beaver" in its dialogue. According to the company, the actor in the advertisement was referring to a replica beaver. FOX network, who host the Super Bowl, apparently insisted on the word’s removal.

“I withdrew the rejected ad and will instead show it on Super Bowl Sunday on the Go Daddy Web site,” said Go Daddy founder and CEO, Mr. Bob Parsons. “I've shown that "beaver ad," which stars Danica Patrick and is formally titled “Exposure," to perhaps 30 people. Without exception, everyone thought it was the best and funniest ad we’ve ever done. They all remarked, ‘What a shame Fox won’t let you show it.’"

Go Daddy submitted another advertisement to Fox, which was also rejected. This would be no surprise to Go Daddy, who are renowned for their risqué commercials many of which have been rejected and revised before final submission. GoDaddy.com’s 2005 Super Bowl commercial was ‘censored’ as a result of reservations expressed by American Football’s governing authority.

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