Web Hosting Provider GoDaddy.com Opens ‘Office of Government Relations’

January 19, 2006
January 19, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider GoDaddy.com announced recently that is has opened a new Office of Government Relations in Washington. "As the world's largest domain name provider, responsible for more than 11 million domain names, Go Daddy feels an obligation to protect our customers and represent their interests," said Bob Parsons, GoDaddy.com founder and President. "It's an obligation we share with lawmakers and federal officials, so it is important that we be in Washington, as a base of Internet knowledge for Capitol Hill, the Executive Branch and Federal Regulators."

GoDaddy.com has made Martha Johnston Director of Government Relations and she will be based at 400 North Capitol Street. In her previous capacity Ms Johnston was Director of Legislative Affairs for the Federal Communications Commission.

"I'm proud to represent the leading company in this vital, rapidly-growing industry," said Ms Johnston discussing her new position. "The issues are complex, challenging and unprecedented in their scope. They affect all of our personal and business communications."

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