Web Hosting Provider HostingKC Internet Solutions Announces Online File Storage Solution

December 16, 2005
December 16, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider HostingKC Internet Solutions (http://www.hostingkc.com) announced this week that it has initiated a new online file storage solution through its new www.filecityusa.com website. The solution offers an easy to use online interface and, according to the company, is designed for “those visitors that are not real computer savvy."

Discussing the move Will Reece, owner of HostingKC Internet Solutions suggested, “We are excited about this new offering. Currently we are offering free forum hosting through www.forumcityusa.com, free phpnuke hosting through www.nukecityusa.com, and now online file storage through www.filecityusa.com." He added, "Although this is a paid service, we are offering very competitive pricing to the rest of the industry. Unfortunately, there is not a good way to monetize on this site by delivering ads except via pop ups, and that is not an option."

The company’s file storage solution comes immediately after a series of major customer-driven initiatives. In October 2005 HostingKC Internet Solutions began free hosting services, in November 2005 it started free forum hosting, and later free phpnuke hosting was added to the company’s suite of services.

"We are always thrilled to bring new and exciting products to the online community. We are on a roll here. We have several products that we will be releasing the next few months. Some services that we are working on include free web hosting, free ecommerce hosting, as well as new forum hosting options. Our plan is to release a new product every month."

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