Web Hosting Provider Hostirian Enhances Dell PowerEdge Servers with Free Monitoring

March 6, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Hostirian (http://www.hostirian.com) has announced that it has enhanced its Dell PowerEdge Server packages with a free monitoring service. The company’s packages feature Dell PowerEdge SC 430 servers and the monitoring service provides $600 per year in server monitoring costs at no extra cost to customers.

The service includes monitoring for physical attributes such as disk space, processor utilization, temperature and monitoring of web server applications such as SQL, SMTP, POP3, SSH and FTP. Notification is provided by a mobile email device or escalation list.

“We have been concentrating on supporting the needs of our complex web hosting clients and the associated required infrastructure and customer service tools for so long, that we felt it was time to expand our offerings to the dedicated market,” suggested Hostirian’s Steve Szachta. “Our abundant and redundant systems architecture, coupled with a customer focused experience with personalized support, delivered with the low cost dedicated server promotion has proved very popular,” added Szachta.

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