Web Hosting Provider HostStore Offer Range Of Dedicated Servers Available Through Their Online Store

January 29, 2010
January 29, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Industry leading, US web hosting and domain name provider, HostStore Inc., announce a list of dedicated server deals available for the public to buy online through their website.

HostStore currently have a promotion available for their dedicated servers whereby setup is free, in addition to 10% off all prices, plus an increased bandwidth rate of double speed is available on selected hosting plans.

All of HostStore’s dedicated servers are powerful and come with the latest Intel high speed multi-core processers to deliver only the best hosting performances. All dedicated servers have a guaranteed uptime rate of 99.99% and are available in three distinct categories. The categories available from HostStore include ‘Basic Servers’, ‘Power Servers’ and ‘Enterprise Servers’, each offering varying levels of RAM, hard drive performance and are fully customizable to match the requirements of the customer.

“We have a wide range of dedicated servers and dedicated server solutions available through our website, all attainable for a low price and with free setup included,” commented a spokesperson for HostStore. “With our current promotion, we can offer the best dedicated hosting solutions worldwide to our clients, whatever their needs, with powerful and fast dedicated servers that are fully customizable to their wishes.”

About HostStore:

HostStore, Inc. is an industry-leading web hosting, colocation and domain name provider that hosts over 60,000 websites. HostStore was born from an entrepreneurial idea that quickly grew to become one of the largest cheap web hosting and domain name providers in the world. Their mission is to connect small businesses with the tools they need to succeed on the Internet. They are committed to providing reliable high-quality products, support, and technology with a focus on the continuous growth and success of their customers.

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