Web Hosting Provider Jumpline.com Celebrates 10 Years in Hosting; Launches Dedicated Server Solution

May 10, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Jumpline.com (http://www.jumpline.com) is celebrating 10 years in hosting by launching a “progressive Dedicated Server offering” to complement existing shared and VDS hosting offerings. All Jumpline.com Dedicated Servers will come pre-installed with the Sphera SaaS Delivery Suite, a solution that provides “key components to building a successful SaaS business”.

"The key to our continuous growth after ten years in the industry is the exceptional talent of the Jumpline.com team," explained Jumpline.com’s Executive Vice President, Mr. Marc Hardgrove. "We have the best people in the web services industry working for us, and it shows. It’s our competitive advantage in a very competitive marketplace."

“Very few private hosting companies have lasted 10 years. We value our independence and loyal clientele, and after 10 years we remain debt free and profitable,” added the company’s Executive Vice President, Mr. Bob Kaufman. "The organic growth of Jumpline.com over the past decade has put us in the driver’s seat and enables us to happily reject all suitors. The next 10 years will be even better."

Founded in April of 1997 Jumpline.com currently hosts over 20,000 websites.

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